About EdExplore SRQ

Artist Series Concerts is proud to participate in EdExploreSRQ, a web-based search platform that is transforming the way Sarasota County teachers, principals and parents identify and learn about experiential learning opportunities available in our area. Featuring hundreds of offerings by local non-profits and individual teaching artists, each EdExploreSRQ “exploration” is reviewed and approved by school district staff to ensure connections to educational standards.

Through EdExploreSRQ, educators at all grade levels not only expand and enrich their classrooms, they also increase student awareness and access to our community’s wonderful arts, cultural and scientific resources. Whether simply sparking a new area of interest or even shaping a future career path, the result can be a life-changing experience for young learners.

Take a look at one of our “explorations” offered to area teacher/schools http://edexploresrq.com/properties/artist-series-concerts-in-schools/

We are adding new offerings regularly, so check back to see the latest! For more information, contact Lee Dougherty Ross @ jerrylee@artistseriesconcerts.org.