Giuseppina Ciarla at Booker High School

Ying Quartet at Sarasota High School

Ying Quartet at Sarasota High School

Artist Series Concerts In-School Program

A central focus of our vision is to spark a lifelong love of the musical arts and expose young people to the possibilities of careers in the world of music.

Since 2011, through our performance-based, interactive outreach programs, Artist Series Concerts has partnered with area schools to create unique music experiences and learning opportunities for students and educators. This initiative brings professional musicians and groups, many of whom are acclaimed nationwide and internationally, to area schools for 12 or more sessions each academic year. These sessions inspire young minds through events that include interactive demonstrations, live performances, and master classes. Over the past five years, our in-school program has touched the lives of more than 12,500 area students and teachers.

For countless children, this program offers their first exposure to live classical performance. For many students who have never met a professional musician or artist in person, this experience can be life-changing. These teachable moments take students from music theory to experiencing the realities of a working artist—empowering both musicians and students alike. Administrators and teachers welcome the visits as an effective way to enrich their arts curriculum and open the doors of discovery for their students.

Thanks to these interactive, in-school sessions, students experience the power of live performance and gain first-hand knowledge of musical instruments, repertoire, and the rehearsal process. Students are encouraged to explore practical ways to tap into their creativity and express themselves through the arts. These intimate interactions create a connection to the arts that we hope will last a lifetime.

Artist Series Concerts Educational Outreach Programs 2018-19

1/9/18 Venice High School-Margot Zarzycka, violin

9/21/18 Sarasota High School-Laura Stephenson, clarinet

10/16/18 Riverview High School-Giuseppina Ciarla, harp

11/13/18 Sarasota High School-Marc Mannino

11/26/18-Oak Park Elementary-Margot Zarzycka, violin

12/17/18 Venice High School-Margot Zarzycka, violin

10/23-29/2018 Booker High School-Lizabeth Flood

12/11, 13, 15, 17, 19/2018 Manatee School of the Arts-Lizabeth Flood

2/4-8/2019 Out of Door Academy-Lizabeth Flood

4/22-26/2019 Pine View School-Fernando Traba Trio